About Provocative Wealth Ltd.

PWA works by engagement for Ultra High Networth Individuals and Family Office Organizations. Each project is underwritten using the unique skill sets of the Provocative Wealth Advisors' Team. This would include the need for bankers, legal and accounting as well as technological and industry specific support staff. The majority of tasks are ongoing and provide specific requirements for PWA to adhere to. Although most Clients require anonymity, many are very involved with the project activities and designate their own point persons for oversight.

Since inception, PWA has worked exclusively by referral and requires a substantial understanding from each Client prior to executing on any aspect of any task or project. On time; on budget and with minimal complications is the Company hallmark. This insures Client satisfaction and the best possible outcome for the desired result. Whether in the Western Hemisphere, the South Pacific, Asia or Europe, PWA performs as engaged and often has people deployed into each region as required to fulfill the needs of the Client